Special Seminor – Mari Miyamoto, PhD (K.K. Oxford Nanopore Technologies)

Special Seminor


Oxford Nanopore Sequencing: from basics to the latest updates


Mari Miyamoto, PhD /
Business and Technical Applications Manager, K.K. Oxford Nanopore Technologies


13 December 2017 13:00 – 15:00


Room W-302, Faculty of Agriculture Main Bldg., Yoshida North Campus, Kyoto University
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Oxford Nanopore Technologies has commercialized a hand-held DNA/RNA sequencer MinION since 2015. During 2016 to 2017, numerous updates were applied that increase accuracy and throughput dramatically. On top of that high throughput version of sequencer, GridION and PromethION are announced and Nanopore sequencing technologies applications cover from small size of genome to large genome. In this seminar we introduce basic chemistry of nanopore sequencing and wide range of its applications. Besides we will share the latest information from New York Community meeting which was hold in the end of last month including Hunan RNA data release (Direct RNA sequence and cDNA sequence using MinION and GridION), VolTRAX library automation system and field kit using lyophilised sequencing chemistry.

* Language: English

We welcome you to join us for the seminar!