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Recognition of pathogen-derived sphingolipids in Arabidopsis

A paper by Dr. Kato and colleagues was published in Science. Kato, H., Nemoto, K., Shimizu, M., Abe, A., Asai,...
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Population Genomics of Yams: Evolution and Domestication of Dioscorea Species

Sugihara, Y., Kudoh, A., Oli, M. T., Takagi, H., Natsume, S., Shimizu, M., Abe, A., Asiedu, R., Asfaw, A., Adebola,...
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RIL-StEp: epistasis analysis of rice recombinant inbred lines (RILs) reveals candidate interacting genes that control seed hull color and leaf chlorophyll content

Toshiyuki Sakai, Abe, A., Shimizu, M., Terauchi, R. (2021). RIL-StEp: epistasis analysis of rice recombinant inbred lines (RILs) reveals candidate interacting...
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Genome Analyses Reveal the Hybrid Origin of the Staple Crop White Guinea Yam (Dioscorea rotundata)

Yu Sugihara, Kwabena Darkwa, Hiroki Yaegashi, Satoshi Natsume, Motoki Shimizu, Akira Abe, Akiko Hirabuchi, Kazue Ito, Kaori Oikawa, Muluneh Tamiru-Oli,...
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Lumi-Map, a real-time luciferase bioluminescence screen of mutants combined with MutMap, reveals Arabidopsis genes involved in PAMP-triggered immunity

Kato, H., Onai, K., Abe, A., Shimizu, M., Takagi, H., Tateda, C., Utsushi, H., Singkarabanit-Ogawa, S., Kitakura, S., Ono, E.,...
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